Nesting Antique Wooden Box with Iron Medallions Mahogany Finish Pirate Treasure Chest

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Set of three 11", 8.5" and 6.5" new traditional rustic wood and iron medallion boxes with lids, mahogany-finish mango wood with exposed grain, distressed-finish black iron strips crisscrossed on lid, vertical stripes with horizontal rim and base frame on box, raised black iron flower medallions between strips with exposed nails, silver-finish iron knob lid handle. This product is manufactured in India.

  • Durable wooden boxes
  • Set of 3 boxes
  • Beautiful Christmas gift


  • Weight: 7.50lb
  • Measurements: Large box-- 11" x 7.875" x 7.875"

                          Medium box---8.5" x 5.875 Small box---- 6.5" x 4" x 4.875"