Hand Crafted Solid Soapstone Black Iron Cross Templar Knights Bookends

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that because these are soapstone the colors will often vary. We will try our best to send the color or as close to the color as you ordered. Thank you

This pair of Knightly Cross bookends are crafted from carved and polished soapstone; this has given these bookends a feel and appearance similar to marble. They are fairly weighty and will be able to prop up a substantial number of books without sliding.

Often mistakenly called the "Maltese Cross", the ‘’Cross Pattée’’ is strongly associated with the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights. The style of cross dates to the very early Medieval Period, though its widespread use came with its adoption by the Knightly Orders. 

This pair of soapstone bookend features a circle pattern with an iron cross and form a stunning and protective way to offset your home library.

  • Solid pair of bookends
  • Heavy soapstone construction
  • Detailed circle with iron cross design


  • Measurements: 4.5"