Elephant Ring Incense Holder Burner Hand Crafted Soapstone

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This adorable Soapstone Elephant ring Incense Burner is carved in India. They feature several elephants, which are highly respected throughout Asia, marching in a circle. These Incense Burners feature several holes in the center base between the elephants so you can burn multiple sticks of incense at a time should you care to. 

 Elephants are admired in Asia for their intelligence, strength, courage, and diligence at accomplishing tasks. In India, the Hindu God Ganesha has the head of an Elephant, and he is considered to be the God that Opens doors and Removes Obstacles (in essence, Ganesha is the God of Success and Auspicious Beginnings). 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that because these are soapstone the colors will often vary. We will try our best to send the color or as close to the color as you ordered. Thank you

  • Features sturdy and classy design


  • Dimensions: L: 4in  x  W: 4in  x  H: 1.25in
  • Weight: 0.60lb
  • Measurements: 4"