Set of 4 Flower Shaped Hand Carved Soapstone Incense Holder 3"

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that because these are soapstone the colors will often vary. We will try our best to send the color or as close to the color as you ordered. Thank you

This lovely soapstone burner, carved in the shape of a flower, is perfect for burning your incense sticks. Soapstone is a natural rock and cools to the touch and some consider it to be therapeutic. This hand-carved soapstone flower incense burner features a stylized flower motif around the base as well as delicate petals. A small hole perfect for burning incense sticks. Soapstone is unique, and often no two pieces are exactly alike, the color may vary slightly from item to item, and from the picture.

  • Made from hand-carved soapstone
  • A small hole perfect for burning incense sticks
  • Incense not included


  • Dimensions: L: 3in  x  W: 3in  x  H: 3in
  • Weight: 0.50lb
  • QTY 4  
  • Colors may vary