Set of 4 Cobra Stands 4", 9", 12" Natural Wooden, Carved Wood

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Natural and enchanting this three-legged Cobra wooden stand has been carved from a single piece of wood and is designed to hold a crystal ball or an abalone shell for smudging ceremonies. The stand folds down an when erected stands sturdily on three legs.

These Cobra wooden stands fold down and when erected stands sturdily on three legs and is used by many to hold abalone shells, small incense bowls, small burners, etc.

  • Dimensions: L: 4in x W: 4in x H: 2in
  • Weight: 0.05lb
  • Measurements: 4"
  • QTY 4

  • Dimensions: L: 10in x W: 10in x H: 7in
  • Weight: 0.45lb
  • Measurements: 9"
  • Qty 4

  • Dimensions: L: 12in x W: 12in x H: 10in
  • Weight: 0.80lb
  • Measurements: 12"
  • Qty 4